• About Mark

    I was born on the 9th November 1969 and grew up in Tredegar, South Wales. I always dreamt of one day becoming a Professional Athlete and possibly representing my country in a sport. My passion all through my life has been sport and as a soft natured individual who loves the fun side of life, I have the ability to focus on the here and now and appreciate the great gifts in life that we are given. I love spending time with close friends and family members who still see me as the guy who fell from the sky and never gave up on his dream.

  • Philosophy

    My values in life have always been to respect others at all times, no matter what level of lifestyle they have or what kind of language they speak. I believe we are all born happy in life but unfortunately we choose to be unhappy towards what we can or cannot achieve, however, the fact of the matter is that if you give 100% at all times then you have to be content with your results, as surprisingly 101% doesn’t exist! I cannot think of anything worse than giving 99% effort at something and having to then live with the disappointment for the rest of your life, knowing you didn’t do your best.

  • Training

    I have always enjoyed the thrill of exercise and the great health benefits that it gives you as a human being when you are fit and strong. I feel that the regular 25 years of training and competing in various sports throughout my life certainly gave me the great base fitness that I needed for when I set myself the epic challenge to possibly reach and compete in the London 2012 Paralympic games. I competed in Olympic distance Triathlons for a number of years before my accident in May 2009 and having always had good cycling skills from a young age, I just had to learn to cycle again confidently albeit with a disability to train every day.

  • Career

    My career pathway started at the age of 20 when I found I had a passion for designing and making stained glass.  I had natural focus and concentration and never gave up until the job was done. I thoroughly enjoyed that career that lasted for almost 10 years, which then led me into a Management position and then into Business to Business Sales. It wasn’t until after nearly 20 years in the working environment that I found myself living out the dream of actually being a Professional Athlete and training every day with the most respected sporting organization in the World, British Cycling. It was a child hood dream for me that was coming true, however, it took a near death experience in 2009 to finally get me there!

  • Charity

    I am proud to say the opportunity that the London 2012 Paralympic Games gave me, I feel now has turned into a responsibility with the work that I do for various organizations. I truly enjoy the work that I do with charities across the UK, such as Pedal Power of Cardiff, which is a Disabled Cycling Charity that provides specialized cycling facilities for people with learning disabilities. I feel privileged to be the Patron of Pedal Power and the facility they have allows cyclists and their carers to access the local trails and enjoy cycling in a controlled and safe environment. This helps to improve their health, skills, confidence and self-esteem.

    I am also very excited to be the Paralympic Ambassador for the Lee Valley Velo Park in London that held the London Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. This 3 year post which will run until August 2016 is an amazing opportunity for me to help with the legacy of London 2012 and help to inspire the next generation and beyond.

    I play a key role in raising the profile of CTC who represents its 67,000 members, 700 community cycling clubs and over 30,000 community project beneficiaries. I lead on CTC’s Inclusive Cycling work, which represents the Big Lottery funded Inclusive Cycle Champions programme, made up of over 45 Centres across the UK.

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